Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Do you ever feel the ultimate need to get away when it all becomes too much?

Fortitude Valley doesn’t just provide alcohol escapism anymore.  Reading a good book can take you far, far away, but unlike liquor, it doesn’t induce socially awkward moments. What a concept.  ATAVIST BOOKS, at just one week old, is the newest edition to retail darling, Winn Lane. Freelance writer Sian Williams is the soul behind this little gem. She has made use of the cosy space and filled it with affordable, pre-loved books sourced from op shops, second hand stores and garage sales. Sian also ‘loves a good church rummage’. And her favourite author?  She deliberated but settled with Knut Hamsun.
The space is filled from floor to ceiling with meticulously organised books and lit warmly from the glow of fairy-lights. Amongst the cult classics, the weird and the rarities, one can find magazines, artists’ books and local publications. Whilst browsing slowly from the craft to the crime section, breathe in the subtle whiff of tender loving and times gone by. 

So next time you need to escape, take a little trip down Winn Lane

Location: ATAVIST BOOKS, 5M Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane