Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Ray Cook is the one man show behind iconic jewellery label How Typical Of Metal. The brand is recognised primarily for its signature leather bow ties all of which Ray has personally cut, crafted and manipulated with his own pair of very artistic hands. As well as the impeccably crafted leather and suede bow ties, How Typical Of Metal also offers otherworldly carved marble and onyx stone rings and cigarette necklaces. Pretty much anything that exceeds the limits of your imagination, you will find in store!  Also just recently Ray has released a super exclusive line of  to die for collar and cuff sets that include the bow tie of your choice.  Make sure you get in quick though, because these little beauties are very limited! If you live in Sydney or are soon to be visiting the city, be sure to put Ray's 4.5 Billion Store on your places to go list, the interior design of the space alone will leave you mesmerised. So, if you are looking to get your hands on one of the original pieces from any collection and don't hail from Sydney, no need to panic, you can also order online.  A word of warning though, place your orders before the rest of the fashion world catches on, we are expecting big things from this crafty little leather man.  
The PITCH team was lucky enough to steal a few minutes out of Ray's busy schedule to ask him a few key questions about the future prospects for How Typical Of Metal.

1. You have incredible craftsmanship, have you ever considered delving into any other apparel besides accessories?

I have been wanting to for a year or so. . I am letting myself ease into it, creating my own patterns and piecing each part together. I have created some jeans but I am so OCD that I havn't released them yet. I have a few other sample pieces in my studio too, but I need to expand overseas with my accessories before I think about releasing a collection of garments.

2. If you were given the opportunity of opening up a flagship store anywhere in the world where would it be?

This is actually something I am thinking about right now. I would have to say East London because of the aesthetic my brand is evolving into. But you can't dismiss New York. I think New York is like a bigger version of Melbourne though. Thousands of people go there to be artists, photographers, fashion designers ect and that's the problem. Too many people doing the same thing, no stand outs and everyone is fighting for collaborations.

3. What has been the best source of publicity received for your brand so far? 
The cover of Tangent : a Sydney-based fashion magazine. My new collection shoot is on exhibition in a Sydney gallery and then will be in the next issue of Faint Magazine which is a high end couture fashion magazine, that will receive alot of attention.

4. Who do you ideally in-vision wearing your trademark How Typical Of Metal products?

People that lead and don't follow. People who read into the reasons of why I have created them. There are stories behind each collection. The mens bow ties are created to encourage manners in men with the prospect of a sharper better dressed man. And the womans collection is created to encourage girls to become "ladies".

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