Sunday, 25 March 2012


You could have lived your whole life in Brisbane and walked the pavements of Brunswick Street a thousand times, without realising the existence of FALLOW boutique. In order to find it, you would firstly have to wonder where the stairs lead to at number 354, and then continue on to venture behind the boutique’s trademark Big Black Door. What one would then discover is a cave of treasures, apparel for men and women stocking labels such as ACNE and NYNE, and a store aesthetic that creates an all-consuming atmosphere. We spoke to FALLOW’s Social Media and Marketing Manager Robert Sopenlehto about this intriguing space. 

Describe your store space:

FALLOW was created as a space to house cloth and curiosities that exist outside of popular trends. A small excerpt of our stores mission statement encapsulates this best: FALLOW is a juxtaposition of black with white, old with new, space with clutter, industrial with hand crafted.

Where do you source your clothing, accessories and collectables from and what inspires your choices?

Our stock is gathered from a selection of both Australian and International designers. To tell you how and where we find our designers would be to surrender out secrets however…

As we are unconcerned with popular fashion, we can't find inspiration where other boutiques may, in the trends and fashions of next year, but instead have to look externally of fashion. We are avid disciples of art expressed in any medium and the artistic qualities expressed in the world around us. Hence it is hard to separate any one particular inspiration as they collectively amount to who we are; and we feel that the store and what it contains are an extension of ourselves.

What inspired you when designing the aesthetics of your store?

We sought to create a space that delivered to its patrons a unique and otherworldly experience. Something outside of the norm, distant from the ordinary and the everyday. At the same time, we also sought to utilise the aesthetic that existed in the space already. Our wallpaper in the centre of the space, for instance, is from the original accountant's office that previously occupied the area for a number of decades. We fell in love with this while renovating, so we decided to bring it into our concept.

Your website states that your philosophy is:

“To bring into being a totally unique experience for our fellow neos that exceeds all expectations of a retail environment in a creative and inspirational space.”

How do you achieve this uniqueness?

First, through the space that we have created.
Second, through the careful selection of cloth and curiosities that we carry.
And third, but absolutely not least, through the attention, passion and professionalism we seek to deliver to each and every customer. For those that reside at FALLOW, contrived as it may sound, customer service means something. We believe that the passion that each staff member has not only for the space, nor the goods, but for the experience we can share with our customers is an integral part of the unique quality that we posses at FALLOW.

Finally, what is your opinion on Brisbane as a hub for young creatives?

Although in the years gone-by, many would have said that Brisbane was not a city for the creative minded. I believe we have all however, of-late, seen and experienced a blossoming of the creativity that Brisbane's gifted youth possess. And this is only the beginning, so stay tuned...

Location: Behind the Black door. Level 1, 354 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane