Monday, 3 September 2012


Architecture is everywhere. We are constantly engaged with systems and structures that are often ignored and devalued. Our buildings and streets have become mundane backdrops that are unappreciated because of our inability to observe and acknowledge what’s around us. 

Brisbane photographer Adam Finch unearths disdained urban environments through his series of “Blandscapes” - a term which describes cinematic locations that we (often unconsciously) fail to consider significant despite their charismatic qualities.

His soft hued images of buildings, streets and even a parking lot are exercises of the everyday. The subtle beauty of a solitary garden bed, a bus bench and even road markings are examples of our rarely acknowledged milieu.

Finch’s photographic style mirrors the tenet of architectural photography combined with the gentle and emotive aesthetic of portraiture. Finch captures the personality of the environment, allowing the space to tell its story. The serene scenes are representations of an idyllic and utopian world, a world where all that is beautiful is valued and conscious.