Thursday, 30 August 2012


Australian design duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales behind Romance Was Born, have once again exceeded fashion heights with their pre-collection Miraculous Mundane. Miraculous indeed, the duo have drawn inspiration from psychedelic Willy Wonka and dreamlike Australian artist Stephen Bush to create a whirlwind of colour, candy and chaos.  

Art and fashion have always been closely knit, and this collection reinforces the interwoven strength of two incredible forces.   Plunkett and Sales have so impeccably unified nostalgic memories of Willy Wonka tales with the pastel dreamlike works of Stephen Bush. Linked in their bizarre investigation of imagination and whimsical palette, they are the ideal stimulation for the revolutionary label Romance Was Born.  

 Plunkett and Sales forever position Romance Was Born as a confident and innovative label.  Continually experimenting with colour, pattern, texture, their latest precollection is a strong spirit of new trends and digital prints.   Miraculous Mundane draws from fairy floss fantasies and lurid rainbow swirls to produce a surreal yet ideal collection.   Reinforcing the vivid use of colour and print with robust white in strong contoured forms.   Furthermore accentuating free-flowing colourful contours with reflective metallic textures, endless in both depth and new design.   

Your day could never be dull in a piece from Miraculous Mundane.