Tuesday, 3 April 2012


The PITCH team cannot stop raving about how great the Up Late With Marie Claire fashion event was. For anyone that missed out don't stress too much, the event was such a success recently that we can see something similar popping up very shortly. Or if not, there's always next year and you would have to be a fashion fool to miss out on it twice! The night started out with all of us retreating to collect our Marie Claire freebie bags which were packed full of fashion goodness. Not going to lie though we all had a quick rummage as soon as we received them, although when I got home was when the real scavenging started. 

Multiple Nivea samples later, I was flicking through my new addition of Marie Claire when I found that it included a $50 Mimco voucher, as if the night wasn't already good enough. Very unfortunately for myself though I had to drive that night, and was the official 'sober sally' of the evening (there's always one.) And after seeing the gourmet beverages that were flowing freely in every store including margaritas, vodka/lime/chambord concoctions and of course champaz,  I was highly tempted to cancel the appointment I had early the next morning and indulge. Luckily there were cupcakes and melting moments galore, and that somewhat made up for the water I was sulkily sipping on for the duration of the night. Although every store had a highly entertaining and lively atmosphere not to mention designs that had us all swooning, we did have a few personal highlights. Optiko eye wear was our first stop and did not disappoint. 

Champagne in hand, that left one free to try on some outlandish pairs of shades, (and by outlandish I mean fabulous).  Frockshop was packed to capacity, and how could it not be with a window display featuring a dress constructed entirely of Marie Claire magazine pages that was just oh so inviting. Unfortunately we didn't quite make it to the Calexico store however we heard from a reliable source that there was a live snake on display, and some brave customers took to wearing it around their neck, now that's what I call high fashion! We also had a great time talking instore to one half of the Ksubi design gods, George Gorrow. Possibly our favourite design instore besides the red checkered trousers of course, was the shirt George was wearing. Unfortunately for us though it was just something he had 'made up' using spare material, and will not be available to Ksubi customers anytime soon. 

It was also highly gratifying to be in the same store space as Sass & Bide design beauty Heidi Middleton. Whilst browsing around in store we found a lot of clothing gems and sadly had to do the only shopping we could afford, shopping with our eyes. The evening finished up reasonably early with fashionistas, bloggers and various other creatives left to wonder the streets of New Farm. Connected together by the black Marie Claire bags they had in hand, and ready to reflect on what a wonderful evening it was.