Saturday, 31 March 2012


Our ultimate girl crush Susie Lau, better known to all bloggers and  die hard fashionistas alike as Susie Bubble, is set to travel down under to talk exclusively to Melbourne, Sydney and wait for it.. BRISBANE! Here at PITCH we can barely contain our excitement, and have some what embarrassingly  already marked a big red X on the 27th of April in all our calendars. The countdown has already begun, and luckily for you, our beloved PITCH readers we have collaborated with Portable to offer you an amazing 20% off Susie Bubble tickets for her exclusive Brisbane talk. To purchase tickets simply visit, click on the events tab and enter the code PITCHBUBBLE to receive your 20% discount. Enjoy!

Oh and if you happen to be living in a bubble yourself, and are unfamiliar with Susie's awesomeness, have a glimpse at the photographs below and soak it all up.