Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The PITCH team is currently head over heels for Australian born, Belgium based designer Narelle Dore. We love her innovative style and the fact that her designs create that ideal fusion of fashion and nature. Narelle’s collections are a conscious mix of our two current loves, minimalism and fantasy and we are absolutely swooning over the outcomes. Nowadays the earthy designer is living the high life in Antwerp, Belgium. However, Narelle is originally from Perth and pays reference to the beauty of our country in many of her projects, so yes we can definitely claim her as a homegrown talent! The impeccable detailing in the garments handmade by Narelle is a direct result of the incredible craftsmanship that she possesses and puts into all of her work.  When asked the key question of ‘what inspires her designs,’ Narelle coyly dished that both nature and Joan Of Arc are her true inspirations.  Although her collections are incredibly exclusive (only produced annually) they are well worth the wait. And if the 2011 collection featured above is any indication of what’s to come, we can only imagine what amazing design concepts are in store for 2012.  Keep your fingers crossed for a flagship store!

Treat yourself to the rest of the collection here: http://www.narelledore.com/
PLUS View Narelle Dore’s blog, which features some of her other creative projects and ideas: http://coatedarms.blogspot.com.au/