Sunday, 28 October 2012


Photograph via The Design Files, Shot by Brooke Holm.

Melbourne-based artist Miranda Skoczek’s fantastical paintings reveal the narrative between extreme realities and imagination. Her work is loaded with stylistic motifs like memory, decorative identification, whilst hinting to issues related to domesticity and introspection.

Skoczek’s work teeters between high and low-fi, as elements of folk art and modernist painting is transferred through calligraphic markings and layerings of paint. Her work is an abstraction of everything embellished and decorative, and references Skoczek’s personal experiences in traveling, social and cultural differences and its lasting/non-lasting impressions on 'the self'.

Her work reveals hints of utopianism and psychological engagements, and refers to the physical (and potentially, childish) mental process of hiding and revealing. Skoczek combines her training in graphic design with silhouettes and visual iconographic imagery in fields of colour, creating beautiful and interesting experimentations of all things thematic.

Miranda Skoczek's work is currently being shown at Edwina Corlette Gallery until November 3rd.