Thursday, 18 October 2012


Our sometimes unimpressive urban environment become the raw material for photographer Madeleine Wieand. Select locations through Brooklyn, Buffalo and Staten Island were shot in a series of photographs that highlight the aesthetically beautiful and stimulating experience whilst observing the ordinary.

The capturing of the commonplace draws similarities to Brisbane photographer Adam Finch’s series ‘Blandscapes’. "We are constantly engaging with systems and structures that are often ignored and devalued".

Wieand’s photographs capture the personality of the everyday. The places we encounter daily like family homes and empty lots can sometimes seem 'non-existent', as we fail to value their natural capacity in impressing (through being). “A building that looks as if its been cut down the middle, an industrial fence in front of a suburban home, or a set of stairs leading up to a non-existent door” are seemingly mundane, but through Wieand’s soft hued and somewhat delicate imagery, such locations begin to tell their story.

Madeleine Wieand strives in monumentalizing that which is (seen as) lackluster; encouraging the idea of consciously recognising everything around us.

Check out the rest of her work at her website.