Thursday, 11 October 2012


Britta Burger is a London based photographer and fashion editor and stylist for Cooler Magazine.

Burger’s images are charmingly unique, sometimes inconspicuous and usually washed in varying colours and filters. Her passion for creative and experimental analogue photography is monitored through the process of Lomography. With equipment like Sprocket Rockets, Diani Mini’s and Lomo LC-A Camera’s, Burger is able to capture stunning images with long exposures, light leaks and even sprocket holes.

A traveling enthusiast, Burger often ‘street casts’ many of her (preferably teenage) models. Graduating with a degree in Literature and Linguistics and a Master of Arts in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion, Burger could be titled a citizen of the world. Born in Austria, the all round creative woman has contributed to Flux Magazine, Monki Mag and works internationally as a freelance stylist and journalist in cities like Moscow and San Diego.