Sunday, 30 September 2012


Mother of Pearl by Maia Norman is an innovative clothing label that blends art with fashion. Each season the brand collaborates with artists (like Polly Morgan, Keith Tyson and Gary Hume) into their designs through print. The labels Spring/Summer 2013 collection features work by Italian artist Francesco Simeti; think Carol Brady meets Chanel.

Simeti’s work explores the perceptions on what a print should represent. Hidden within the decorative patterns are darker subjects extracted from the political and often violent imagery our public metabolises through (what is now) trivial information societies. Simeti’s comments on our desensitisation are contested when fused into this ornate brand. There is a certain intrigue into the prints for the S/S collection. An intricacy established through both the mixture of earthy tones and primary pastels and the uncertainty of what exactly we are seeing, which ultimately leads us into paying closer attention to detail. Clever.
The floral accents and muted psychedelia referenced in the collection is almost bohemian, but remains considerably distant from the free-spirited-gypsy style of the 60‘s and 70’s and recent (Rachel Zoe-esque) boho-chic trend.
View the full collection here