Monday, 24 September 2012


"Leif's work explores themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic or altered experience. Pursuing a symbiosis between digital techniques and organic outcomes."

Leif Podhajsky is the Australian graphic designer behind the album covers for Grimes, Lykke Li, The Horrors, Gypsy & The Cat (and many, many more). His work explores the idea of experiencing and acknowledging concepts of love, fear, magic and the possibilities of being. Podhajsky’s images are almost hallucinatory as his psychedelic and kaleidoscopic artwork reference decades past whilst remaining completely independent and referent to our digital (internet) culture. 

"I've had moments where I have felt a part of every living thing that exists and that's ever existed, experienced such clarity and beauty that it shatters what you thought was possible”.

Podhajsky’s visual sense is spiritual and introspective. His artwork is reflective of all things ephemeral and organic; the environment, emotions and time and life. Whether he is exploring the nature of the human body or the human experience, Podhajsky’s practice is an output for the metaphysical and somewhat unrecognised altered realities. 

Leif Podhajsky co-curates VisualMelt ( with fellow artists and designers James Lake, Isaac Emmanuel and Nick Stewart Hoyle.