Monday, 20 August 2012


Miranda Kerr, Victoria's Sectret to the streets of Sri Lanka - there isn't a thing Daniella-Rech could not capture beautifully through the lens of her camera. Mesmerising backstage shots of raw beauty in the flesh, Daniella-Rech has us dying, craving to be part of the dream - everything jewels, lace, and outrageous glamour. She so perfectly captures the female form in its most elegant and organic state.

As an ex-model herself, she understands the true character of each model and draws this through her lens. A smile, a mysterious look or a cheeky kiss.  She can even charm the sunlight to be the perfect shade, twirling around her muse to create that flawless image.

Daniella-Rech even seems to make her soon to be released 'The Stolen Project' seem uber-sexy and off bounds with its high secrecy and minimal details. Blog, facebook, twitter, projects and endless demand, Rech is the fast paced woman we desire to be. Have a wander through her site and dream through her portfolio and magical photographs.