Tuesday, 19 June 2012


  The beautiful work of Laura Junger has us reminiscing of childhood dreams and tea party times.  Illustrator, animator and stop-motion artist, Junger embodies a minimalist design style with strong storytelling themes.       The high use of colour in each piece liberates the user to explore their imagination and draws them into the storytelling narrative. 

Each drawing or poster is accompanied by a witty and charming caption that only draws us closer to infatuation with the Parisian artist.   “Breakfast, Brunch, Brinner” is a charming piece of a days three meals, a feast full of every delight the colours of a rainbow.  Each dessert simple in nature but strong in visual aesthetic, convey a playful sensation through the organic hand-drawn shapes. 

Junger expands her work into posters and short sweet stop-motion films that reflect the same drawing style much loved in her illustration pieces.  Every piece of Laura Junger’s work warms our soul and brings to light our inner child.