Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Matin Zad is the PITCH team’s newest obsession.  Another notch in New York City’s  belt of creativity, Zad has been initiated by Vogue Italia and BITE. His acknowledged passion for cinema is evident through his work, where light is utilised to create  slightly hazy, almost-in-motion subject imagery. His work contains a certain subtle ambiance, a breath of fresh air against current editorial trends that emulate grunge (for want of a better term). He appears to harnesses harsh contrasts and textures to produce feeling within still photography.  



His work is a combination of fashion art, film and portraiture. As his repertoire includes these narrative and artistic pieces, it reiterates that his interest and expertise does not lie solely in fashion photography. That being said, Zad has worked with some of the city’s most stylish stylists and models including fresh-faced Coco Young.