Saturday, 23 June 2012


Chances are you won’t be seeing the decks ornamenting Valley stalwart The Zoo last night at your local skate park any time soon.Instead, the works of art lining the walls were courtesy of The Outpost’s annual celebration of art and music, I Used to Skate Once.

The event, now in its eighth incarnation, saw PITCH favourites Amy Longworth, Sophia Mary Mac and Holly Riding turn the humble skateboard into a work of art.

While many of the works featured bright paintings or delicate line drawings, others took the concept of skateboard art to another level.

The contribution from Brisbane kinetic artist Michael Candy was a fully functioning jet propelled board, complete with flame thrusters for extra speed.

Luckily for those who wanted to have a closer look, any technical issues had been ironed out by Candy well before opening night – notwithstanding a recent close call at Nando’s which left the artist reaching for a fire extinguisher!

The event also featured local bands, all night shopping on Winn Lane and an on stage skate ramp for those wanting to show off their skills – though thankfully, the works of art remained safely on the walls.