Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Dreamy, light filled apartments, fresh cut flowers, delicate gold chains;
a world where everything is in its place. New York-based illustrator Bernadette Pascua has made an art of a certain kind of lush minimalism.

Pascua’s whimsical fashion illustrations, collages and photographs set aside extraneous detail and focus on the simple balance between lines and light.

Using her own work for illustrious clients such as Elle, Vogue, Dior and Tiffany & Co. alongside found images, film stills, and splashes of watercolour, Pascua has created a personal sketchbook of sorts, filled with the sights and colours she finds on her travels.

Ranging between art, films, food, fashion and literature, the posts on Decade Diary handpick the loveliest parts of life – whether it’s a Dries Van Noten lucite heel, summer strawberries on toast or a photography book, you’re sure to be inspired. Who knows, you might even find yourself digging out your watercolours…