Thursday, 19 April 2012


When you think of the name Gail Sorronda, you think of one whom has achieved international success and is taking the fashion world by storm. With this, may precede a connotation of egotistic superiority, though after witnessing Gails demure talk at the Creative Industries Precinct at QUT, nothing could possibly be further from the truth.
 Gail, after studying a degree in Fine Arts Fashion Design at the Queensland University of Technology, launched her label, Gail Sorronda, in 2005 after winning the Mercedes-Benz Start-Up Awards with her debut collection. In the fashion talk she humbly dedicated her label to her mother (Sorronda being her mother’s maiden name) and bashfully disclosed the hardships of her youth and the admiration for her mothers care and dedication.
 As Sorronda modestly went on to talk about her famed success she suddenly became entirely overwhelmed, bursting into tears she shyly unraveled how emotional her journey had been and how humbly gratifying it was to openly talk about her hard earned accomplishments. After moments she could not continue, and her partner of many years had to speak on her behalf. The audience was enthralled and a sense of instant connection to this being standing in front of you was inevitably overwhelming, she was so raw and honest, something you shamefully were just not expecting.
 Gail Sorronda is not only a label, it is an emotive actualisation of the quietly confident woman, someone who is authentically true. Within a world of phony pseudo personalities it is utterly refreshing to witness a being that is so honorably sincere. An inspiration to us all.