Monday, 30 April 2012


Last Friday the PITCH team finally got to bask in Susie Bubble's greatness. After months of waiting and multiple blog posts later, we were more then excited to take our coveted seats for the Portable event. The talk was located at the State Library in Brisbane, which was aesthetically perfect for the event and contributed to the very 'personal' atmosphere the audience experienced. Susie covered a range of interesting topics that included her personal journey as a full time fashion blogger, as well as vital information on the fashion blogging industry and how it has changed over the six years that she has been apart of it. 

The Dazed Digital website also became a frequently referred to topic by Susie and it was interesting to find out how her experience of being the commissioning editor for this online publication, compared to her fashion blogging for Style Bubble. Susie spoke with such confidence and passion that anyone in the audience that didn't already have a fashion blog, was definitely mentally preparing one in their mind. Two hours and a few puns on 'bubbles' later Susie finished the talk by saying, 'I keep referring to Bubbles, I'm so sad!' Possibly our favourite part of the entire talk was the Q&A that came after this, where Susie answered any sought out questions that the audience had. Overall Susie Bubble was fashionable, (obviously) funny and extremely insightful, everything you would expect from the quirky blogger. We even got a few sneaky pics with her as part of the networking drinks at the end! PITCH can hardly wait for the next event Portable organises, if it's anything like the recent Susie Bubble talk we will surely be attending, camera and notepad in hand. So stay tuned for exclusive events and ticket prices PITCH Readers!