Thursday, 12 April 2012


The fashion world has grown tired of animal prints, after seeing the overused tacky adaption of the prints seen on the likes of Jersey Shore trash 'Snooki' it's safe to say that we threw all of ours in the trash, literally. So it is more than thrilling to see a new innovative design involving animals has been illustrated, and to our pleasure does not involve midriff cheetah print tops. Kelly Thompson is a fashion illustrator that hails from New Zealand, but is currently based in Melbourne, Australia (lucky us!). With a portfolio of work that exceeds all limitations and for that matter expectations, it is no wonder that Kelly has developed a 'cult' like following in both her hometown New Zealand and Australia. You may recognise her work from major magazines such as Pulp, Karen, Yen and Lucire in which she has all been featured. Kelly's work explores the endearing beauty of women and pushes the boundaries of typical fashion illustration. And we are completely obsessed with it! We can totally see all of her illustrations being brought to life by fashion giants on runways all over the world, so keep your eagle eyes peeled.