Sunday, 18 March 2012


Bianca Batson is the creative mind behind Brisbane-based label BATSON. Established in 2010, the label has steadily earned a reputation for a harmonious blend of classic cuts with modern twists, reflecting a sophisticated quirk unique to the brand. Her collections inspire an air of edgy elegance and this eclectic infusion has earned BATSON a loyal following across Australia and can be found nationally in selected boutiques.

Although excessively engrossed with the creation of her new Spring/Summer 12 collection, we were able to steal five precious minutes her time to nit pick her brilliant brain.

Describe in one sentence, what was it that made you want to be a designer?
I have an appreciation for design and things that are eye catching

What is the best part of having your own label?
Being in control of the final outcome

Who is the BATSON woman?
She is independent, a little bit quirky, slightly androgynous; not afraid to wear colour; her signature silhouette is a triangle

The most challenging aspect of setting up your own label?
Time management!

What are your main sources of inspiration?

Abstract things: from the classical composition of Claude Debussy to the recipe of a perfume

Most important aspect of designing?
Thinking about how your design is actually going to translate to 3D

Explain how it feels like to see women wearing your pieces?
It is pretty exciting actually

If you weren’t working in the industry you are now, what industry would you like to be in?
I would probably be studying literature or philosophy or trying to conquer some other design industry

Describe your style?
Androgynous; slightly feminine; quirky; triangle silhouette

Must have for the season?
TURTLE NECKS. But also printed sweaters!

Ultimate wishlist?
An entire closet made of ACNE & PRADA items, accompanied by Harry Winston jewellery

The last thing you purchased?
A Lover turtle neck (told you, I wasn’t kidding about the turtle neck)

Favourite shopping destination?
London! LIBERTY + Dover St Market

Ultimate indulgence?
It goes Skincare Prada; Acne then Skincare (I sometimes think I spend more on this than clothing)

Must have magazines/books?
ACNE paper; B Store Magazine- I prefer these to Vogue as they are minimal on the advertising and maximum on interesting articles. Harry Potter (you’ve probably never met a bigger fan); The Holy Innocents; The Masque of the Red Death (Edgar Allan Poe); The Hermes Carre (amazing if you are interested in the prints and process of the Hermes scarf)

Favourite fashion blogs?

Its not fashion, but The Fancy is my favourite blog/website and it covers all aspects of design and innovation. Style Bubble

What is planned for the future?
Relocation to London in June 2012… stay tuned