Thursday, 15 March 2012


If you haven't heard of this blog, you're crazy. We sat down with Caroline of Caroline's Mode to chat about her recent trip down under and her day-to-day style techniques.

Hannah Rigley: Welcome to Australia, how are you enjoying it so far?
Caroline Blomst: I am loving my time in Australia, I am out here to attend LMFF as I am the face of Rekorderlig Cider and they are a sponsor of the fashion festival. It is very interesting seeing the different fashions of Australians.

H: Where did the inspiration for Caroline’s Mode originally come from? Was it a project you've always wanted to undertake?
C: We started with Stockholm Streetstyle in 2005 because I have always loved fashion. I also have always loved sitting at cafes and watching people’s fashions, styles and what they are wearing. At the time blogging had just started to become really big and popular in Sweden so I though why not do a blog in Swedish style and capture people in the street. I had recently just seen the Tokyo Street Style blog too and used that as a bit of inspiration. With Stockholm Streetstyle we gradually added on different parts throughout the years and made it Caroline's Mode in 2007, including a bit of fashion outfits posts, ideas and street style. Now it is all combined into the one website. We were the first in Stockholm to have a street style blog. Having it based in Sweden is really hard because of the weather, it is so cold yet you still have to maintain it even in the winter months.

H: You seem to have really encompassing and eclectic content on the site, where do you draw your inspiration from? 
C: Mainly the inspiration comes from within, my own sense of style, I also find a lot of inspiration from the street and the travels we do around Europe and the world. Also I draw some inspiration from the fashion shows and designer label showrooms I visit.

H: Describe in three words your own day-to-day style, is there any particular look you aim to encompass? 
C: Basics Accessories - cool shoes, a cool bag or belt and I also like subtle jewellery. But not everything over the top and all at the same time. Black Those three are the main pillars of my style. Comfortable chic, I really hate being uncomfortable but I don't want to look like I've just put on my pyjamas, so comfortable chic describes it best.

 H: Can you give us a quick list of your favourite Designers and Style Icons at the moment?
C: Designers I really love Celine, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga and Chanel. I also like Carin Wester, who is a wonderful Swedish designer. Style Icons My favourite style icon for now is Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Also I always love Kate Moss too, she has great style.

 H: Judging by the Street Style segment of the site you seem to like portraying and capturing exceptionally fashion-forward individuals, is there anything in particular you look for when you're out shooting? Or is it just whoever catches your eye at the time?
C: We don't go out looking for something to shoot specifically for the blog, the shots are just there when you see it. We always have the camera with us to be sure we don’t miss anything, because you never know when someone awesome will be walking by. Our shots are usually taken of an eye-catching moment.

H: And finally, I think the Same Same and Get The Look segments are particularly inspired, do you think it's important to be able to cater for a wide range of budgets when it comes to styling? (Assuming that a lot of your readers are on a budget!) 
C: I think it's important to have a broad appeal to everyone and not only just the ones that love expensive fashion. Not everybody can afford to buy a Balenciaga bag every month so it's important to give inspiring outfits, ideas and looks for less. Shopping is fun and you can find really good pieces online for less. We try and keep it so that everyone can buy pieces they love and use our website as inspiration.